UX/UI Design • Developer Experience
Payvment is a Social Commerce platform that provides brands with a complete suite of e-commerce tools for generating sales on Facebook and Twitter.

UX/UI Design

For the longest time Payvment’s e-commerce dashboard lived within the confines of Facebook. As the company matured and customers were asking to sell their products on more social networks, it became apparent that the company needed to build a new dashboard outside of Facebook in order to become a truly omni-channel solution. Payvment’s new dashboard required its own new look and a simple User Experience that both small and large brands would feel at home with. The new design leaned heavily on intuitive setup wizards for setting up most of its features and modals for quick edits.

Developer Experience

Payvment’s API Platform gives its merchants the ability to integrate their Facebook store’s order data with third party solutions such as accounting software, order fulfillment services and Omni Channel e-commerce management tools.

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