Burner VR

Branding • 360 VR Video Creation
Burner VR captures the magical moments of Burning Man and delivers them in a fully immersive experience on Oculus VR headsets. Burner VR is a pet project of Zero Twenty One and our gift to humanity.


When creating the logo for Burner VR, the objective was a design that visually represented three things –  Burning Man, an immersive experience, and Virtual Reality technology. We began with Burning Man’s familiar iconic image of “The Man” and placed him within a three dimensional space representing the immersive experience Burner VR delivers. Its colors and patterns representing Burning Man’s technicolor LED wonderland experienced every night. Finally for good measure we outfitted “The Man” with a VR headset.

360 VR Video Creation

During the week of Burning Man, the Burner VR team is out capturing the event using multiple GoPro Max 360 video cameras. Each year over 40 Terabytes of 360 video content is captured. Back in civilization after Burning Man has concluded, the Burner VR team begins the process of editing and transcoding all the content using Adobe Premiere with final delivery to Oculus headset users via Oculus Media Studio.

NOTE: The fully immersive experience requires an Oculus VR headset. The videos below are “non-immersive” and can be viewed from your web browser or mobile device.

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